My Favorite (Android) Smartphone Apps

My smartphone!

I still find it funny when someone realizes I finally have a smartphone. Yes, world, I have owned one for about 5 months now! The first I owned it, best believe, I was downloading away ALLOFTHEAPPS.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite apps on Android. Sorry iPhone users (and Windows Phone and Blackberry……..) users!

1. Inoreader (iOs version)
Are there certain websites that you visit over and over and over to check out the latest posts? If so, an RSS reader is a must. And thank goodness for RSS readers! It’s the easiest way for me to read all the latest posts of the dozens of websites and blogs I keep up with. For example, I can get the rss feed of my favorite personal blogs and receive an update soon after the blogger made their post. I find RSS readers a great way to categorized websites of similar content and view posts in an organized manner.

But, oh how I miss you, Google Reader…

2. reddit is fun
I had avoided Reddit all throughout college and only started logging on to it last year to pass the time at work. I think it was a wise decision to have bypassed it during school because IT’S SO AWESOME. I enjoy the communities that I have taken part in and I’ve absorbed a great deal of knowledge from fellow Redditors. For example, /r/skincareaddiction provided ways to help deal with eczema and /r/frugalmalefashion helps me find frugal alternatives to clothes I’d want to buy or deals for clothes I’ve been patiently waiting to purchase.

3. Plume
There are many Twitter apps and honestly I don’t know which are the better ones. I arbitrarily chose Plume and it’s been sufficient for what I want from Twitter. I’m able to manage multiple accounts and read Tweets in real-time. It is sometimes laggy and the search function doesn’t work as well as I want it to but that’s only a small complaint. Two of my main reasons to use Twitter is to tweet at celebrities (LOL) and to win those “RT for a chance to win” contests. I’ve won two so far WOOHOO!

4. Podcast Addict
This just might be my most used app on my smartphone. I LOOOOOOOVE listening to podcasts. It’s free entertainment and I keep finding new podcasts to subscribe to. I’m subscribed to so many podcasts I no longer have to time to listen to any of them. Haha!

I’ll list some of my favorite podcasts:

  • Combat Jack show – a hip hop related podcasts where they not only interview hip hop artists, but also entrepreneurs, techies, athletes, and more! I usually end up with a new perspective on life after listening to certain episodes
  • Grantland Sports – These episodes are commentary on sports. I usually like the ones with Jalen Rose on them.
  • Extra Pack of Peanuts – This is supposedly the most popular travel podcast on iTunes. I’m often wanderlust so I enjoy listening to these folks talk about their travel experiences and tips.
  • WYNC’s Radiolab – This show “is a show about curiosity”. The most recent episode I listened to was about the history of American football, which I found to be very, very interesting.

5. SoundCloud [iOs version]
This app surpassed Spotify as my most used stream-based music app. I simply enjoy not having to hear ads and I like its stream function for discovering new songs from artists I follow. While I may not be able to hear albums like I can on Spotify, it’s not a big deal to me. I’d rather have the ability to create my playlists and not have to listen to them on shuffle only. I’ve discovered that there is an abundance of great music out there that isn’t even on Spotify or iTunes. Plus, there are simple ways to rip the music off of SoundCloud to bypass streaming all the time.

6. YNAB (You Need a Budget) [iOs version]
Ever since I started making serious income and having bills, I needed a way to budget and keep track of my finances. I’ve found YNAB and its envelope system approach to be great for me. The app version is limited in features compared to the desktop version but it suffices. Whenever I make a purchase, I try to make sure I enter in the purchase. By the way, the desktop software does cost money but if you’re currently in college, it’s free!

7. Google Keep
Sometimes I have a random idea I need to jot down. Or need to remind myself that I have to buy more sweet potatoes. Or someone told me to read a certain book. Or I heard a great song playing somewhere. Google Keep is there when my journal isn’t.

8. Gasbuddy [iOs version]
You’re out and about and you need to by gas. But you want to find the cheapest gas around you. Gasbuddy to the rescue! It usually ends up being Costco though most of the time. (And I know about the Shell/Giant gas rewards, too.)

9. WordPress [iOs version]
Of course I had to mention it.

There you go! Nine of my favorite apps, none of which are games because I don’t play any on my phone!

What are your favorite smartphone apps and why??

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