My Love/Hate Relationship With Social Media


Aiyyo look.

I got a myriad of issues I have on my relationship with social media. The first step is admitting you got a problem, right? Don’t knock me because I’m fine with its existence. It’s a wonderful tool for communication and sharing content; however, I often find myself being annoyed with it to the point where I just don’t want to use it.

I Have Way Too Many Accounts

Let me start with Facebook. Back in the day (am I really going to use this phrase? Yes, I am), I was active posting photo albums, wondering what I should update my status to, chatting with peeps, and playing some games (OMG Tetris and Robot Unicorn). Then, it got to a point where I just didn’t care about using the service as much anymore. I removed the photos albums, I deleted wall posts, and ended up deactivating the account. Maybe I found my time more useful on other sites like Tumblr or Twitter. Now you’ll find my account deactivated most of the time. I did need to reactivate mine a couple months ago since it is the main communication tool for certain groups I’m part of. So sure, I’ll use it for that reason.

But now that my account is reactivated, I have the urge to just deactivate it again because I get those same urges to want to log on to do what? Scroll and stare at my feed? It’s usually (almost always) nothing enriching. But I understand that, hey, maybe all you do at your 9-5 is do stressful work so you just want to come home and do something brainless like scroll the feeds of  all your social networks.

For me, I can quickly sense that addiction coming. To check out what other people are doing and thinking of what I should upload or post. Should I post something clever? Something funny? Something that shouts LOOK HOW COOL MY LIFE IS? And sometimes that’s what bothers me when it comes to social media and how we use it. Is it our medium of choice for airing out just about whatever is on our mind? Is it our way to grabbing attention? Because I tend to think that’s inherently what I want to post for. To place focus on the “me.”

I used to have an Instagram account. I never posted a picture. But I would look at all my friends’ photos and see what they’re up to. Now, question. Questions. For the pictures we decide to post online. Is it to show our friends what we do? To highlight certain parts of our day? Do you choose to post just the happy stuff or just the sad stuff? Why do you choose to post certain things? And please don’t tell me you took countless number of pics from different angles and different filters just to get that perfect one to upload.

But I Don’t Want To Miss Out…


There’s also that fear of not knowing, the fear of not being connected. I know if I don’t have my Facebook, I won’t get invited to events. There’s that thought that if I don’t have social media, I don’t actually exist. Nowadays it seems social media is the norm for most of our communication. For updates on people’s lives. For the distribution and consumption of content. Topics of conversation become centered on what you’ve seen on somebody else’s profile. I find us being concerned about a lot of trivialities that we’re bombarded with on a daily basis simply by logging onto social media.

With all that I’ve said so far, I’m not saying social media is something evil. But we should examine our own relationship with it. I do actively use some social networking sites and let me tell you…I LOVE TWITTER. I find it be a great resource for what’s happening in real time. I remember it was on Twitter when I first learned that Michael Jackson passed away. So many big stories hit me first on Twitter. Not only that but I like using it to enter contests and sweepstakes and I’ve won some things before. But you can do that on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, too.

I still use Tumblr at times. LOL. Do you?

You use Pinterest? For all the things you pin, do you even go back to that list you made. All those recipes, did you even try out one of them? What about all those fitness tips and exercises you were gonna try out? Did you do ’em? I didn’t. Yeah, deleted that joint.
And while I’ve already expressed my disdain for Facebook, I should mention I have more than one account. That other one I created so that I could separate family from everybody else I know. And I guess this is what I really wish I could do better with all this social media: to filter out what I want. To reduce the noise. 


I mean, I could simply NOT use social media altogether. But I find it to be an integral part of my life, as do the millions of people who use it. I do get afraid of that addiction to using it and the potential selfishness that may come along with it. I don’t want to upload something for the likes/reblogs/etc. I don’t need someone’s else affirmation. So I steer myself away from it, or at least I try. I’ve tried to keep several things in my life veiled from these online communities because I find myself wanting, longing, desiring more intimate communication. Not this idea of a beacon to attracts the masses.If I want to show you what’s up with me, let’s meet up. Let’s chat on the phone. Let’s grab some dinner. When was the last time we’ve seen each other?

I continue to seesaw back and forth with my use. At times, I just want to disconnect completely. Other times, I gravitate towards it, but I end up finding myself only wanting to use it to seek attention that I desire. And I don’t like how that feels.

So, what’s your opinion on social media? How do you treat it?

What annoys you about it? What do you love about it?

Are you “too connected”?

And, as I finish writing this post, I’ve already re-installed Snapchat onto my phone so I can consume at least 10 seconds of your life. 😀

On the real though, all of these social networks can come and go. I know that, for me, blogging will always be here to stay.

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