An Executive Decision

I have been contemplating about my near future in regards to what I want to do once I finish graduate school. Fingers crossed, I will be graduating with a Master of Science this upcoming May.

(If you would like to attend my graduation, let me know!)

So this current job…

I knew since the day I was hired for my first “real world” job that it would just be something to put money in the bank. I was intent on attending graduate school and needed to afford the exorbitant tuition fees. It was only going to be temporary, and to be honest, I’ve been here longer than I initially planned. A fellow coworker teases me from time to time, saying that I’m going to stay forever since I’m still employed here. But I know I’m not sticking around.

At the tail end of last summer, I had serious thoughts about quitting my job. However, the act of quitting wasn’t actually related to not wanting to work. I had withdrawn from school the previous semester and I felt like having more time to spend on school would be a great idea.

Or maybe I was wrong.


Maybe I was simply looking for a change of scenery.

Maybe I was just tired of feeling uninspired with my assigned tasks.

While on the clock, I was creating a lengthy list of places with open job positions. Until one day, I received a work email expressing joy that our company was awarded with new contracts. Job transition put on hold. By happenstance, I was reassigned to work on a new project. I took this as a new opportunity, a slight rejuvenation, and a reason for sticking around here just a wee bit longer.

But alas, I am finally FINALLY finally finally about to finish graduate school and I have to look ahead. HowEVAH, I’m actually looking at this as another opportunity for a nice “break”.

There are presently two scenarios running in my head:

  1. I can start looking for jobs during my spring break and apply, apply, apply. Hopefully, by the end of May/June, I will have landed a new job. Or…
  2. Once I graduate from school, I will travel the world. For how long? Minimum of one month. Then, I’ll go back to work. 

There is also the possibility that I can accomplish both 1) and 2) if the stars somehow align. This is the thing for sure:

I won’t be working for this company any later than June.

My brain is exploding with excitement just at the darn thought of traveling for an extended period of time. While I’m still young (AND SINGLE?!?!), I should do it.

*hint hint*


Yeah, I should do it.


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