Taken with iPhone 6s, filtered to B&W
Written on 9/3/2017

Some years ago, probably as a senior in college, I had watched a TED talk by Shawn Achor, a psychologist who argued that, by being happy, one becomes more productive. What intrigued me the most about his talk were the five tasks he suggested we do to create a positive change. I have these tasks written on the whiteboard hanging in my room ever since. I don’t look at my whiteboard everyday and I haven’t really kept these tasks in mind. Certainly not on a daily basis. However, I looked at my whiteboard again recently and realized that I have been getting back to reaching a point of productivity that I haven’t reached in quite some time.

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San Juan Kalayaan, Laguna
I can recall only two times when I had a near-death experience, both relating to water. It’s been twenty-seven years on this planet, and yet, I still am unable to tread water. One time, me and my friends were at a local indoor swimming pool and we decided to go towards the deep end of the pool. We followed each other around the perimeter, holding onto the edge with our wet hands. At one side of the pool, there was a covering made of slippery material. Once I got to that side, I noticed I was having a tough time gripping and, before you know it, I lose grip, sink, and started to panic. When they tell you your life flashes before your eyes, they were darn right.

FUUUUUUH, I didn’t even have my first kiss yet. I didn’t get to catch all the Pokémon. And I won’t ever know what happens in the season finale of Boy Meets World.

I was so fortunate that I was able to grab onto someone’s trunks and push myself up. Ever since then, I’ve had this fear of water. But what about death?

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