Call Me By Your Name (2017)


About a couple weeks ago I caught a new music video by Sufjan Stevens uploaded on the Pitchfork Youtube channel. I thought, OOOOH NEW SUFJAN STEVENS! Is he coming out with a new album? But, actually, it was an original song from the Call Me By Your Name soundtrack. I hadn’t heard any buzz about this movie; however, the music video was intriguing enough to me that I wanted to check the movie out in theaters. Also, you could say Sufjan did some convincing as well.

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How To Be Yours


During my latest visit to the Philippines, I watched the film How To Be Yours at the movie theater. Although having been to the Philippines several times, this was my first time actually going to the movie theaters and experiencing just how large and spacious and well-conditioned they are. Now why choose this particular movie? I simply saw the trailer on TV and wanted to watch a Pinoy film…and it was that or Suicide Squad. I wanted to feel kilig so the choice was easy. Continue reading