Looking back at all the pictures I took while in the Philippines, this is one of my favorite shots. I decided not to bring either my camcorder or point-and-shoot during this trip; instead, I trusted in my smartphone. As much as I love capturing moments with technology, I decided not to focus too much wanting that Kodak moment, but rather just inscribe them into my mind.

This photo was taken at my aunt’s house in Batangas, as the sun was setting. I love how you can tell the sun is setting, yet parts of the sky is still blue with some dark clouds lingering. My Tita lives in a rural area where people farm to make their living. Usually, when I visit, my cousin and I would go fishing in the ponds to catch dinner and go frolicking at the beach, which is only a very short walk from the house. It’s not a beach where you can lie in the sand and get a tan, but you get a nice view of the sea and feel refreshed from the consistent breeze. Most of my family, at least the family that I stay with, live in the probinsya, meaning not the city. I enjoy the rural life: it’s more relaxing and slow-paced. Whenever I’m in Manila, it’s just pollution and noise and HOT and I don’t want to deal with it. I don’t think I’m meant for that type of lifestyle.

…It’s been almost four weeks now since I got back to America. It’s like, each time I visit, more of me stays over there. I feel comfortable in that space. I feel accepted. I feel loved. I feel like I belong. I miss it. I miss them.