Scene at my first day in the office

By the end of this week, I will have finished my fourth month at my current job. Time has gone by so quickly! I am still high off the fact that I actually made it here. Each day I am surrounded by such bright minds (engineers, doctors, scientists) and working on valuable tasks that benefit our society and the public at large. Continue reading

13 Months (and a Week)

June 24, 2016.

That was day I happily quit my office job and said sayonara to my coworkers. I recall my projectmates being shocked that I announced my exit only two weeks prior. My previous projectmates knew this would eventually happen as I had told them all about the courses I was taking and expressed excitement in the material I was learning. Only a month before did I earn my Master’s degree in hopes of making a smooth career shift into a different field. Or maybe a career pivot.

At the time, I was so certain of myself and the direction I was heading towards. Before I began working the regular 9 to 5, I wanted to take a hiatus. And I prepared for this for several months before my last day in the office. Having worked three years full-time and schooling part-time, I deserved a nice, long vacation before diving back into the dreaded ocean of corporate life. I didn’t realize the career switch wouldn’t go so smoothly as planned.

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