Spring Cleaning Complete!

Exactly one month later I’m finally done! Well, for now, at least.







So, this bookshelf actually used to hold my books but now I decided to make it a shoe rack, freeing up space in my closet. Now I gotta figure out how to maximize my closet space. I have two dressers and I really only need one now. However, I think my mother might get angry with me if I said I want to remove one of my dressers since she bought it. Whatevs.


I ordered this steel wire shelf from Seville Classics. I wanted a bookshelf but because I have a lot of textbooks I was afraid a cheap Ikea joint wouldn’t be able to handle it. We have another bookshelf and there’s noticeable bending and I didn’t want to deal with that. The bookshelf might not look aesthetically pleasing, but it’s all good. I need it to hold more than just books anyway.

As usual, whenever I’m cleaning and organizing things in my room, I find something that’ll have me stop and reminisce.

These cards prolly cost 2 dollars total
Tim Duncan……19 years ago.
I used to record a lot of TV…
Before the days of YouTube…

Now I have to figure out how my DJ equipment will be set up. I’m hoping I have enough space…

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