About PatPat

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My name is Patrick, or you could call me PatPat (or Pat Pat or Patpat).

This blog exists as a place to document my life happenings and to share with the world what goes on in my mind.

So about me…

I like lumpia.

I’d rather have adventures and explore the Earth than sit on my couch.

I think of myself as being very AVERAGE.

I’m my own worst enemy.

I am proud of my Filipino heritage and enjoy enriching myself in other cultures.

I was raised by Hip Hop and Arthur the A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K!

I choose to believe that I will not be able to reach my full potential ever since my mother forced my to write right-handed.

I like bringing a journal with me everywhere.

Okay, that’s all! Hope you enjoy my blog!

Feel free to send me an email: patpat(at)pitterpatpat(dot)com

Bucket list.


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