Dear Fam

I write because words can be powerful. So I write to you today, hoping that my words will reach you.

Please beware: This is a long post and I hope you read it!

I miss my relatives in the Philippines and I know Tita is visiting right now. How I wish I could go to. But you know…may pasok at nag-aaral pa din ako. And, in a week, there’s a reunion on Dad’s side of the family. Kuya keeps inviting me. Please ask Tito to save me a shirt as a souvenir.


Being raised in the USA, you know I have no reason to complain and I am always thankful for my upbringing. But one thing that I struggle quite often and throughout my life is the distance from my roots, my history, and my people. And this is why I have a general and genuine interest in Filipino culture and history.

I would love to talk more with relatives and please feel free to chat with me. I ask you not to be so shy. I understand how there is a language barrier (alam ko medyo nakaka-nosebleed hehehe) but I still want to have nice conversation and learn more about my blood – my own family’s history.

One thing I easily became jealous about growing up in the States is noticing how people here have their cousins and Titas and Titos and Lolos and Lolas. I never got to meet my grandparents. I only met one and, even then, the language barrier was too much and I don’t know if she actually knew who I was because of her deteoriating health. I would be jealous of my friends who got to go to their cousins’ house to play with them and getting to eat their Tita’s homecooking. I would be jealous that they get to listen to their Lolo’s story about the war or how Lolo met Lola. I always wished to share those type of experiences.

This is why I always miss my family. And I want to get to know them better. This is why the Philippines is such as important place in my heart. This is why I desire to build a strong relationship with my relatives. Before it’s too late.

So tell me, who are you?

I might not get the chance to know you later…

And I keep saying it, but I will be fluent in Tagalog eventually (can’t promise I will have the accent hehe 😆). If Sam Milby can do it, I can do it! Also, tell Jessy Mendiola to wait for me!

Sana magiging mayaman ako at uuwi ako nang madalas! Maghintay lang kayo!

Love you love you love you love you love you love you always,


Dad’s side – 1993

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