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Written on 9/3/2017

Some years ago, probably as a senior in college, I had watched a TED talk by Shawn Achor, a psychologist who argued that, by being happy, one becomes more productive. What intrigued me the most about his talk were the five tasks he suggested we do to create a positive change. I have these tasks written on the whiteboard hanging in my room ever since. I don’t look at my whiteboard everyday and I haven’t really kept these tasks in mind. Certainly not on a daily basis. However, I looked at my whiteboard again recently and realized that I have been getting back to reaching a point of productivity that I haven’t reached in quite some time.


Here were the tasks that Mr. Anchor presented:

  1. 3 Gratitudes
  2. Journaling
  3. Exercise
  4. Meditation
  5. Random Acts of Kindness

I’ll go over each one in a different order.


Well, as you can see, I’ve been more active on this blog lately and I’m enjoying it. In addition, I have started to write in my empty journals. I find it a stress reliever to put my thoughts onto paper, whatever they may be. I simply have the urge to write and I don’t think I should be ignoring these urges. I jot down anything from the most mundane to the seemingly poetic to the ANGSTY-HIGH-SCHOOL-XANGA-WOE-IS-ME. I imagine one day someone will discover my all my journals and I will be remembered.

I also have been trying to finish this poem but it’s taking longer than I thought. I won’t rush it. One day it would be need to be able to perform something I written on stage. I know I missed that opportunity a few months ago…don’t mention it! In high school, I was super into slam poetry, especially after watching several videos of Def Poetry Jam on YouTube. ONE DAY MAYBE…


I am so inconsistent but I have been most consistent this past month. When I look at myself in the mirror and weigh myself on my scale, I am reminded of how, on my dad’s side, diabetes is prevalent. I cannot be complacent with my health. After coming back from Virginia Beach at the end of July, I was the heaviest I had been and I was disappointed. I spent my August getting more serious with my dietary habits and making a concerted effort to run around my neighborhood and make use of my gym membership. I am glad to say after 5 weeks, I have lost 10 pounds. I should add that August 2017 is also the most I have ever drank alcohol in a short period of time buuuuut *Kanye shrug*.

Random Acts of Kindness

I work as a cashier/retail associate at the airport. Being at the airport, you will see and encounter several travelers who will ask you questions about their whereabouts. I try to take notice and ask them what their trouble is even though I really don’t have to. I do take joy in it.

While not really random, I try to be conscious about my parents’ and my sister’s needs. Since I mope at home, I have been less resistant to do things I’m asked to do. Even if I have something already planned, I will try to fit it in. So long ago were the days I’d argue with the parentals. I guess that’s just part of growing up.

I have this innate desire to help my close ones in need, even if I don’t really know them that well yet. Sometimes I question myself why do I do this and why bother carrying more burdens. EFF IT, I DON’T KNOW. It’s part of my desire to be useful, especially knowing that most of my days are mundane.

3 Gratitudes

Shawn mentions that we are incredibly good at scanning the world for the negatives. Okay, true. Thus, we continually miss out on the reality of the positive things occurring in our environment. Okay, not true for me. While I feel like I lean more on the idealistic side than pragmatic, I tend to vision the good, especially in people. Forget only 3 gratitudes. I want to dedicate this part of my post to people who have inspired me this year and/or helped make this 2017 more bearable for me. I know most of these people will never get to read this, but I want to release this to the universe.

Mom/Dad: You have had the utmost patience for me and you are probably wondering on a daily basis WTF I still haven’t landed the job. Dad, you’ve been looking out for opportunities for me and I appreciate it, even when the job doesn’t even fit me. I acknowledge the effort. Mom, you’re the hardest working person I know out there and I hope to return the favor for all the things you’ve done for us. I won’t be able to match it but I want to get close.

Sis: I don’t ask much from you. I only want you to do your best. Mom and Pops give you a hard time, but I will be there to soften their blows. Thank you for feeding me when my cheap self didn’t have money left from my paycheck to buy myself groceries. Whenever you need me, Kuya has your back always.

ER: I honestly don’t know what to do if you weren’t around. SERIOUSLY. You’re like my fraternal twin. You’re the pages of my diary. You know everything. Distance doesn’t matter even though I wish we could be grabbing drinks and eating pulutan right now. I’m so thankful for you and I’m sure you’d respond, “No, I’m thankful for YOU.” Pero alam mo na ‘yan.

MJ: Now when I visit home, you won’t be around. And you’re my travel buddy! The thought of it makes me sad. But let’s remember the bigger picture. This is all for some greater than what we have now. The sacrifices will be worth it. I know you’re all alone over there. I will visit you for sure!

N/C: We barely get to all be together, but when we are, it’s always a good time. I miss us hanging out like we used to. I want another sinigang night, please! N, thank you for happy hour chats. C, thank you for the Facetime calls. You’re the only person I have ever Facetimed with! I hope that you are finding peace after this rough year. We have your back always.

K: My right-hand man. I don’t even need to say much. Day 1 homie. Thank you and your family for the hospitality whenever I decide to visit. It’s definitely helped make my year better, especially on my broke days when I just wanted to mooch on some delicious Indian food from Auntie. Thank youuuuuu, bro.

T: Thank you for the lunch hangouts. Thank you for hosting events at your house. Props to your mom from being the best tailor, haha!

PM: Fellow PM! I’ve told you already but knowing that you’re going to school again to chase your dream has inspired me. I hope in the future you open the best cupcake shop in the area. And thank you for being the only one still blogging and vlogging. It encourages me, too.

PR: I am impressed by your demeanor this whole year, from the time you first told me about her complications to the point she finally go to rest in peace. I love you, always, and I can never thank you enough for all the simple things you’ve done for me ever since the first days of our friendship. Fogo de Chao on me, next time!

JMT: From the first day I met you, your personality and enthusiasm was easy to gravitate towards. Honestly, it was kind of strange but a loveable kind of strange. I can’t quite place what it is exactly about you that makes me feel comfort. Makes me feel at home. But I welcome it (and your mom’s food, haha!). Thank you for your kindness and your great taste in music!

Jov: My brother, we’ve gotten closer lately and it’s funny how we found out we have mutual acquaintances. Small world! I’m glad to see you around when I can and I hope your situation improves. If you ever need something, I’m right here.

H: You make work tolerable so I always hope to work the same shifts as you. Because I can’t take working there anymore.

PF/CK: The brotherhood. To my adopted Kuya and the best woodworker I know, thank you for being the coolest bros. I hope we can get another hangout soon before the year is over. I love our H2H convos over fruity alcoholic drinks. LOL.

CC/JM/L/SdP: WE WERE THE CREW. Y’all made me enjoy work when y’all were around. We’d eat free bread and share our food and hook each other up. Now the crew dissolved. CC, I hope you land that job. JM, I hope you are able to finish school, and same for you, SdP.

Kuya E and Kuya R: I still gotta visit NYC before the year is over. But thank you E for our conversation that one time at the airport. I needed that especially during that time. Kuya R, thank you for the music recommendations, and when I eventually start a podcast, you will be one of my very first guests!

RJ: My MM partner-in-crime. Thank you for the convos over hot drinks at hipster cafes. We share idealistic perspectives and I’m glad I’m not alone on how we feel about the world. Good luck on school!

Ate J: Thank you for being an Ate I needed. Talking some real ISH when nobody is brave enough to say what needs to be heard. And thanks for always chatting with my in Tagalog because it helps me learn. You have all my love!

Ate R: We haven’t seen each other since I was like 12, but you came back here and it’s like it’s all good! If you ever need a buddy to check out a place, you can count on me. And, of course, I’ll be your drinking buddy as well. I hope all is well with Tita and your family.

YS: Thank you for the convos and recommending me shows and movies to watch. I also enjoy us critiquing what we watch to each other. I don’t really get much of that. Next time we eat out, it’s on me since you got me last time. And we can talk about my non-existent love life, LOL.

LL: Hey man, next time we meet up we are getting the FINEST WAGYU STEAK MANILA HAS TO OFFER…Or we could just grab some Zark’s and call it a day. Thank you for being around when I wanted to bother someone. I’m here to support you and your endeavors, and I hope you make it in the video game industry. GO GO GO!

JDS: Pinsan kong pangit (JOKE), I know we don’t get to chat as much and I know I can’t always be of help. But I want to be there to support you once I am able too. Thank you for all the times we chat and send stupid selfies. Miss you so much!

To the LEAGUE: Thanks for being part of it again. I want to make it as fun and competitive as possible. The whole point really is for the camaraderie. I hope this year will be great!

And to everyone I haven’t mentioned specifically, I haven’t forgotten you. You are all in my prayers. To my family and friends all over the world, thank you for the interactions we’ve had so far this year. You are appreciated!

Here’s the video, btw:


And I will gladly break it, I will gladly break my heart for you…

Tulungan kitang harapin ang lahat walang alinlangan
Tulungan kitang harapin ang lahat kaya kumapit ka lang

I just got to draw the line
And go get my peace of mind
Lord knows I’m tryin’








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