The Quest to 50 States


I originally had the idea of visiting all 50 states during my very first legit road trip back in 2013. I drove what ended up being 8 hours up north to the city of Boston with two of my closest friends. You could safely bet that this was when the wanderlust really started for me. While driving through different states, I realized just how many states I actually have not been to yet. And, for the states that I have travelled to for vacation, I really did not take great advantage of my time there. Let’s just say…I was not the most enthusiastic when it came to our family vacations.


Here are my own rules for accomplishing the goal of visiting all 50 states:

  • Must stay overnight in the state
  • Must have done something leisurely and worthy of note while in the state (e.g., visit a monument or attend an event)
  • I went to the state on my own accord


The following scenarios DO NOT COUNT as having visited a state:

  • Airport layovers
  • Traveling through a state
  • Just stepping foot in a state’s boundary and saying “Heehee”
  • Travel that I did not help plan (i.e., a number of family vacations)


I made a special page on this blog in order to keep to track my progress. I’m seriously backlogged with all of the travel posts I have been meaning to post since this blog started. However, I’m very excited to share with you my travel experiences and all the stories!

Stay tuned!


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